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episode 1: "into the wind" starting soon!
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 The Weekly Update!, Updated every Friday!
 Posted: Jul 3 2015, 03:47 PM

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Heya, heya, heya Redeemer family!

It has now been TWO weeks since our official re-opening, and if I do say things have been going rather swimmingly~!

Activity is at an all-time high given the fact that we've just opened our doors, drawing in AMAZINGLY active crowd of 15 (25, counting those who use sub-accounts, but we won't count subs~). So thank you, and I really really mean THANK YOU to you - the members of MSR, both old and new - for making this relaunch so awesome and successful.

So what's next for the site? One might wonder. Well, I'm fairly squared away on the overall central plot of the site, so we know there will be plenty to do on that end. In the meantime, I'm brainstorming ways to reward the members of MSR (that's you~!) for all the awesomeness you're bringing aboard. This will include things like OTMs (if you dunno what that means, it means "of the months") to recognize characters, mecha, threads and more that you guys all put together. I'm also tossing around mecha-giveaways for certain contests and reaching particular milestones.

All in all, that's it for this weeks update!

Catch you fabulous fabtastic people later,


OH YEAH, also AUGUST 12 is MSR's first birthday despite having been closed for a while. So drop by for the birthday and maybe we can party with a game of Cards Against Humanity or something in the group chat!

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