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Jul 9 2015, 06:34 PM
07/06/AR09 ?

Bio Birth Name: Frederique (Fred-reeq) Frederika (Fred-reeq-ah) Constance Aldyne (Al-deen)
Age: 19
Nicknames: Frerika (Frayer-E-ka), Rikke (Rick-E), Freddy, Frida, Frey, Diana, Dyna, Connie
Occupation: Pretty little Rich girl Socialite and P.I.T.A (pain in the ass), unknown/missing heiress
Rank: N/A
Hometown: Olympus (last known) ???? currently

Hair Color: Honey Brown
Eye Color: Hennessy Cognac
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 133 lbs.
Ethnic Background: AETERNUS 100% human

Personality: Bordering on little princess and spoiled pain in the ass Frerika tries to be the good girl but sometimes the life of never having to want comes out and just pisses people off. Though after living in the belly of the underworld for a bit she's become some what quiet and soft spoken, afraid of the world around her. Despite her own troubles she does try her best to make someone else smile or feel better without playing her own violin too hard. She's also not the brightest glow-stick in the bunch. With basic knowledge of a gun and only a fist full of what buttons to push in a suit to make it go she's the student driver of the Mobil Suit world. Please watch out for the fluff on board.

Family Background:
Who the family is,
where they're from.

Father: Huxley Madox UNE military special operatives solider based in Endymion.
Mother: Glenda Locke Famous galactic known Diva under the stage name Capella (recently deceased)

Biological Parents: Nickodemus Sextus & Audrey Kian (Key-ann)

Siblings N/A

Love interests: Boys

Kids: N/A (might adopt a war orphan or two though)

Heiress to ISR
ISR International Star Registry back before Earth truly had a hold in space. Since 1979 when this organization of hippy astrologists begun to sell the rights to stars to the civilian populous as a romantic and thoughtful gift gimmicks. Who knew that by 2044 technology would advance so far as to sweep us up into the star dust itself. This is where things become complicated. While war, factions, the breaking down of boarders threw Earth into a cultural melting pot of alien origins and technology the ISR was the only thing unscathed by the onslaught of terror.

How could such a simple gimmick gift company with no association to the Astrology or Scientific Community possibly mean anything in the war? Let alone represent something substantial or even fundamentally sound? Because Earth needed a bigger dig in space then what the colony's were doing.
In 2015 the average price for a square foot of land in the United States was worth about $179,200. Back then the ISR was owned and operated in Glenview, Illinois and the ISR was more of an Adopt a Cosmos. This simple company changed in the year 2036, when a bright and upcoming Real Estate agent Nigel Sexton, bought the establishment. With political connections the thirty year old estate broker pitched a simple theory to a few noble ears and soon found himself presenting his idea to the UNE. It was a small and beautiful underhanded miracle, that left the young man sitting in a seat at the table of International figure heads and Generals of War.

The ISR was now registered and officially recognized by the scientific community as actual territory. Earth was gaining a shaky foothold in the ever vast cosmos. Thankfully, due to the war many of the registered users were no longer living. The government now began asking for proof of purchase in order for deeds to be made up, handed out and claimed. ISR became an agent of Space Real Estate.

Again, how does owning a chunk of rock floating in space hold any merit in the war? What does it mean? What can it do besides drift there and shine?

Stars come in many shapes and sizes and are compromised mostly of two types of gases, hydrogen and helium as well as some molten space debris. Hydrogen is measured by the kilogram. 1 kilogram is 1 gallon of gasoline equivalent (gge). 2. $0.0015/gallon + $0.987/kg (gge) Refining Costs = $0.9885 = $1.00/kg (gge) using Atmospheric Electrolyses.

Helium in fiscal year (FY) 2014, the price for crude helium to Government users was $2.49 per cubic meter ($69.00 per thousand cubic feet) and to non government users was $3.43 per cubic meter ($95.00 per thousand cubic feet).The estimated price range for private industry’s Grade-A gaseous helium was about $7.21 per cubic meter ($200 per thousand cubic feet), + producer surcharges to this price.

I know, the math probably hurt some people, but it gets better. You see, The size of a star fluctuates depending on its age and location in the cosmos. Plus back in 1979 there was no viable way to measure or place the kind of mass it held like how we are able to now. ISR holders now held bio fuel and mineral property rights in space. The question of how much fluctuates but it was enough to allow Earth to amend some laws and place up the UPA, Universal Property ACT. Which, in lieu of boring you all with a bunch of political jargon, means "You damn kids stay off of my property before I call the police!"

We're now in the year of AR 29. The price of land real estate has been in a mess due to the impromptu battlefields that occur. City's have fallen, forests and mountains have been destroyed; Few places hold a feeling of true safety and stability. However, we've managed to survive and move on leaving our once coveted marble of white, blue and gold for the heavens. To rise up and stand where our ancient ancestors once believed gods sat. The ISR sits in the political shadows as the Emperor of Space Real Estate allowing Earths borders, jurisdiction and control to expand out into the vastness of space. It's face is seen as a charitable hand in the eyes of the UNE allowing them to use it's hold on the marked stars as border rights, viable to be used as sanctioned 'air space' and property under law and protection of the UNE aka No Trespassing. Pro Terra Gloria.

This Empire sits in silence only making itself known during election season and when going up against possible violations of trespassing in the Supreme court. Essentially the ISR is the master who opens the door to the hounds that are the UNE Military.

Fun Fact: Stars also have the ability to grow cold and die. The death of one creates a black hole, but what of the other? Well, it depends on all what gets in it. There is a star, dubbed PSR J2222-0137, a pulsar that lies 900 light-years away from Earth near the constellation Aquarius has a mass 1.2 times that of Earth's sun with a companion that has a mass 1.05 times that of the sun. This white dwarf is a diamond. How many carat is 1.05 solar mass? Answer 10^34, or 10 billion trillion trillion carat.

A 1 carat diamonds is between $3,080 and $26,950 in 2015. Natural Diamond prices have since risen thanks to the flawless lab created ones that can be easily mass produced.

This star, who's name is Princess Regan is owned by Frerika Aldyne. She has no clue of this, and wears an old sterling silver bracelet with the stars true name and coordinates embedded into it. It was given to her by her late biological mother and father for her birth. At the age of 5 she named it Princess Regan.


It was in the heat of a battle during operation Take on Jaguar that Huxley Madox ended up taking his high school sweethearts child. Of all the places and cities to walk into with guns blazing he marched through her's. Though Huxley and Audrey had a fall out back in their senior year he still had a small flame for her despite all the time that had passed. She had moved on and had a child to the Space Baron, Nicodemus Sexton. Their marriage a messy one that ended in divorce but Huxley would only learn of this later, after he returned to base and had one of the girls he was friends with in records find out more. It nearly tore him in half to see that her father, Nicodemus Sexton, the "Emperor of the Stars", had little to no focus on the well being of his only child. The tiny thing lost and forgotten amongst the political power. Audrey did always know how to pick em. Had he not been there that little girl might not have made it out alive, or ended up as one of the many war orphans of the UNE and possible free soldiers. She was too young to remember this or the trauma of it has prevented her from recalling it.

Huxley wasn't the greatest father figure, nor did he understand how to handle or raise girls. Frerika grew up on Endymion military base and learned how to take care of herself at a young age. The base didn't have many children on it her age and there wasn't many places for her to play leaving her restless and wanting to go out immediately after he got back tired or not. She was alone most of the time while her father worked and went on missions. Often times a few of the girls from records would come over to check on her or one of his company buddies but they didn't stay for too long or just long enough to tuck her in and make sure the doors were locked.

It was during one of the base concerts held by the stars that Huxley would meet Glenda Locke, a new face on base that won him over rather quickly however, he had a child at home and she seemed the type to not want to settle down so quickly. This theory was only further cemented and iced with rosy faced embarrassment when he found that she was the famous galactic Diva under the stage name Capella there to perform. Needless to say he came clean that night by bringing Frerika to see her. Who knew that the Diva would actually be pining away for a family life of her own? Within a few months after finishing her tour Glenda returned back to Endymion base, incognito of course, to spend some time with Huxley and Frerika.

The three of them seemed to be living a slice of momentary bliss before a sudden air raid went off and Huxley was called out in the night. He didn't return till three days later and by then Glenda had her mind set firm that Endymion was no place for a little girl. That Christmas, Glenda, with the permission of Huxley and the consent of Frerika, took the small girl back home to Aeternus. To the high end residential and business section.

It is here that Frerika grew up into a fine young lady, going to school and social gatherings. Making friends with other people of her 'new class' and high stature. She was no longer the lonely little girl but more or less consistently in the spotlight. Her new 'mother' having her learn the piano which she played for at the Intergalactic Ball. An event that hosted several of the political and padded pockets of the UNE officials. It is also here where she met her biological father for the first time.

Of course he hadn't lifted a finger towards her growing up, but was perfectly content with taking credit for his little masterpiece. Upon this impromptu announcement she soon became quite the little princess as many officials and their sons and daughters wanted to shake her hand. It was because of this single evening that her world, which she thought was perfectly normal, suddenly turned on its head in a mirror room.

She only knew Huxley as her real father, so accepting Nicodemus was a bit of a hard pill to swallow. Especially for Huxley who made a special trip out there to Aeternus to tell her personally that Nic didn't give a rats ass about her and that she was forbidden to associate with him. However, Nic, despite being told no, made sure to spoil her beyond rotten with anything in order to win her over. And of course for a 16 year old who hadn't had her rebellion yet ate it up like cake. Putty in her fathers hands she became the spoiled little Princess who could have anything she ever wanted in a heartbeat no questions asked.

Huxley, hated it and told her she'd regret it but with this sort of money and power to get whatever she wanted she would be stupid to turn it down or ignore it! Of course her dream life wasn't all about shopping and partying with famous people. Within 4 months she received notice from Nic that she would learn the business of ISP. Something a 16 year old who had everything she ever wanted, did not want to hear. Glenda was there though, opening the door to her home with a knowing look going "Well well, look who decided to stop back home. It's only been what, three months since you checked back?"
. . .
"You are grounded young lady."

For once Frerika didn't mind it. It gave her an excuse to temporarily escape the onslaught that was her ISP heritage. Back to her normal studies and going on tour with Glenda had it's advantages, even though Frerika was spoiled and didn't have any reason to want, Glenda saw to it that the wayward teen would learn to be humble with it. Glenda was the Princess Diana of the time, Diva and Peace Advocate, yet no stranger to war. Whenever Frerika decided to start popping an attitude she would swiftly remind her that had it not been for Huxley she wouldn't even be there and that money meant nothing to the enemy. She would've kept the runaway attitude up had it not been for Glenda's advice echoing in the back of her mind. Sometimes you had to do things you didn't want to do, everyone has to grow up. It sounded almost Peter Pan in a sense and Frerika would give anything to remain a lost boy.

Ironically it wasn't too far from the truth. She was on tour with Glenda, and Nic happened to be close by at an event. He invited them over and while Glenda turned him down Frerika kind of wanted to go, her father let it drop that some band was there she knew and liked really well and some of her 'friends' she'd met before were there. Glenda rolled her eyes and allowed the teen to leave, with the warning to not drink anything from the gold trays and get escorted back. Despite her curfew being 1 a.m. Frerika never came home. When Glenda showed up at 8 a.m. to Nic's hotel to get her both found that she didn't make it back. She left to go home, was even personally seen getting into the back of the car by Nic himself, but she never made it to Glenda's.

It's been 3 years. . . .

IC History: 2 years ago, age 17 she was woken up out of her cryogenic sleep she found herself coming to on a couch in some strange place. She wasn't sure if it was a colony or planet just yet, she hadn't been outside. People dressed in normal clothes were surrounding her, several of them armed, others that were in the room looked spooked or scared. She had no idea her kidnapping had actually exchanged hands more then twelve times in her unconscious state. Her cargo name was "Lost Boy" allowing her to be moved without issue and right now she just wanted to get home or call and let them know she was all right. But apparently that wasn't an option, this group. . . whoever they were didn't take too well to her demands. It was the first time she had been slapped so hard across the face that she was knocked down.

Frerika learned that in this place you worked to live and kept your mouth shut. If you didn't work you lost your life and if you spoke about what was going on, you lost your tongue. Too pretty for the hard labor that turned you black she was placed in the main house as a maid. She turned eighteen without anyone knowing what day it was. And found out later that Glenda had died a year ago, the details of it were skewed and she wasn't allowed to have any additional information.

It was only a matter of time before the illegal activities came to light there. She was now 19. Several of them getting packed up into cryogenic sleep for another journey but her own was cut short. As the location fell under heavy fire she found everyone else scrambling to fight back or flee. Inside of her own case she found her old cellphone that she had with her when she was taken two years ago. During the fiery raid she managed to narrowly escape her current imprisonment for another. She had no money on her, she knew no one there or who to trust. She didn't know where to go and a single phone call home was left on an answering machine. She didn't know if they knew where to find her, if they were coming. If she had called the right one. She found herself sinking down a wall in the dim lit city staring at the missed calls from years ago.

Starting from zero with nothing to lose she wondered what Glenda or Huxley would tell her if they were there.
Jul 7 2015, 04:59 PM
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<div class="stillvbg">
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<img src="" width="100">
<div class="stillvt">LINETTE</div>
<div class="stillvn">Alien diplomat or royal that was sent on a mission to acquire resources to aid her dying world. With the masses of her species living on refugee ships hovering above the planet they once called home it was up to her to go and bring back hope to her people.
<div class="stillvl">THEME SONG </div>
<div class="stillvp">
Unfortunately negotiations with the UEN didn't go as planned.
Opt.1 She has found herself turned away. Unwilling to go back to her people empty handed. She is looking into mercenary groups to obtain what she needs. Though she does not want a war on her hands, she cannot just sit idylly by and let the end come. Possibly she's been detained by the UEN for already being caught conspiring with 'the enemy'.
Opt. 2 Piece of Ten She watched the end of her world. as all that she knew crumbled and burned in on itself. Her people are stranded in space dealing with population growth and dwindling supplies.. Scout ships are seeking a place to call home but have all returned empty. Desperate for a place for her race to live, she is seeking out an alliance.

A race with nowhere to go means easy access to able'd bodies. Free soldiers, working for nothing in order to earn their keep.
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