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 Keepers of Time - A PMD RP
 Posted: Nov 29 2015, 11:06 AM

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Seven years of darkness fell upon the inhabitants of Ocria as time fell still around the world. Towns were destroyed as feral and hostile pokemon began to increase, but one town managed to hold strong. The acrela town guild formed under the leadership of a valiant gallade, and the guild stopped at nothing to restore time. They managed to restore time to the area around the town of Acrela, but it came at a price. The guild is now under new management, and the town has managed to pull itself together but, how long will this peace last?

We are a new active PMD roleplay looking for new members! Come and join the mysterious region known as Ocria! Play as a guild member as you help discover what happened to the original guild members of Acrela town and why did time stop. Discover new dungeons and towns! Play as a outlaw to steal from other pokemon, make the guild fall and cause chaos! Play as a Civilian or a Shopkeeper to help keep the town of Acrela going.

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