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Alias: Sarren
Age: Forty-one
Occupation: Helgast operative, MS pilot
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Jane Rayner

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Oct 1 2014, 09:22 PM
VCIU-76 "Queen Mab"
AR27 / This year

Model Number: VCIU-76
Unit Type: Prototype
Pilot: The Morrigan
Faction: Helghast
Use: Close Combat/Anti Infantry

Head Height: 20 Meters
Weight Capacity: 62 Metric tons empty.
Sensors: 13Km
Propulsion System: 6 Strategically placed thrust, Contains No in Atmo flight capability. Must be shuttled between ground and space.

Special Design Features:
  • VCIU: The Visceral Combat Injection Unit.
  • ADS: Aerosol Dispersal System
  • Heat Infrared Vision Filter.
Fixed Armament:
  • Two mark Seven Electrified Whips.
  • .One claw Gauntlet
  • One Palm Mounted Pulse Cannon
Optional Armament:
  • One Forearm Mounted Biochemical Delivery System Rocket
  • One Forearm Mounted Dual Barreled Beam Lance
  • One Back Mounted Non Tracking Ground barrage system.
The VCIU line was never fully put into production due to its high strain and demand on the pilot. Early in the production phase of the VCIU product line, the integration system of the pilot to the command pod was augmented with a clasp for the back of the pilots neck. The Injection system will only allow the start up of the VCIU once the clasp is attached to the back of the neck. All varieties of the VCIU were outfitted with a highly volatile and experimental form of synthetic epinephrine.

The 76 variant was designed as a chemical weapon delivery system, but lacking any sort of chemical to deliver was soon put out of production with a limited run. When Jane defected to the Helghast her talents as a biochemist drop out were quickly put to use. When she came to them she brought the crowd dispersal weapon that she had been working on to them. When Jane found a way to help counteract the highly dangerous substance used to jack up the pilot. Jane developed an adrenal blocker that if taken before and after would help counter act some of the damages of the synthetic drug used to juice their pilots. but they are constrained to a life on the new blocker at the right balance to make sure they never get too low or too much adrenal in their system.

After Jane expressed her desire to end war to end conflict, a shrewd person in the Helghast ranks saw an opportunity, Use this woman to bring down her own people. Offer this woman a chance to deliver her dispersal method to the battle field to help minimize casualties. They offered her a chance to destroy the militarily that had taken her friends, mother, and lover from her. And she took it, became the thing she despised to stop the greater evil. She Pilots the VCIU-76 boasting a fog dispersal system to deliver the F3-18(see note) gas to scatter the foot soldiers and partially obscuring sight.

F3-18: Is a combination between several diffrend drugs including the bronchodilator albuterol so that the lungs do not freeze up as well as to increase the absorption effectiveness of the lungs. Epinephrine also know as adrenaline the drug that the body produces naturally and what triggers the flight or flight response in the body. Both of the fore mentioned substances both have been know to increase anxiety in people. With a Splash of N,N-Dimethyltryptamine more commonly know as DMT is a psychedelic compound that can cause hallucinations in thous affected by its presence. L-3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanine (L-DOPA) that will often increase the feeling of dread and Fear as well as increasing anxiety. And finally one of the last compounds in this mixture is Carbogen an oxygen and carbon dioxide gas mixture that will produce small paranoia and and hallucinations and tick the body into shortness of breath, thus the need for the bronchodiltor to prevent serious harm. Included in the mixture are also more smaller stabilizing agents to help reduce the effect of long term damage to the person under the effects of F3-18 it is a primarily a means of lowering threat level and inducing panic and fear.
Sep 30 2014, 11:24 PM
Rayner, Jane

Age: Forty-one(?)
Nicknames: The Morrigan
Occupation: Helghast Saboteur (lack of better term), MS Pilot
Hometown: Belfast

Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Violet
Height: 5'7
Weight: 160lbs
Ethnic Background: Half Eden

Jane is doing what she thinks is right. It may seem wrong and horrid but she believes that if she bares the cross that she has shouldered she can help bring peace to humanity and by extension all the races. At her core Jane is a good person, just misguided. She will go out of her way to NOT harm civilians but is not always successful eating her up inside. Jane has a soft spot for children and will often give then whatever she has to see then smile, knowing some slight of hand. I guess you could say Jane is Chaotic Good.

Family Background:
Jane's mother was a IRA freedom fighter before the Eden came to earth, fighting for an independent Ireland. But when the Eden came Jane's mother fell for one of the angles from the sky and they two quickly fell fore each other and had Jane. Jane's Father is still alive and works with the Harbinger, Her mother passed away at the Battle of Honor Hall. Leaving her not with but her Father and her lover, whom worked for the UNE. They became estranged and have not talk since her lover started working on MS systems.

IC History:
Jane was born just after the Eden arrival to A mother who had made a life fighting for freedom and justice for the Irish people. Jane's Father was one of the youngest visitors from the heavens and went wandering to one day across the world till her lighted upon the woman that had the fire in her eyes of a thousand suns. He struggled for quite some time to make the freedom fighter fall for his some what clumsy charm. Jane grew up in Ireland with her strong mother after her father was forced to leave to the stars again when all the Eden left.

Jane's mother wanted to know that her little girl could protect herself so she taught her how to shoot and fight. So Jane grew up in a home with just her mother leaning how to take care of her self getting in to tussles with the local kids, and beating up the local boys only when they left her no other option, She had developed her fathers conflict avoidance, though she had only spent minimal time with him.

Into her teen years and early collage Jane attended a medical school for a degree in biochemistry trying gaining a degree in the field.

She fell for A woman in the UNE before she could finish her degree, and left to the collage to go be with her joining the UNE military as well to help develop what she though would be non lethal dispersal methods. Jane found out that her serum was being weaponized to be used on the battlefield. Horrified the only thing that kept her there was the fact that Jane and her lover would never see combat, until the news came down the pipe that her significant other was going to be a pilot for one of the dastardly machines that had taken her mothers life at Honor Hall. A fight ensued and Jane left into the night...

Jane has now resurfaced as an operative for the Helghast unbeknownst to the world. She had come back as the Helghast pilot of the MS Queen Mab
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