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 Gundam Pixie
 Posted: Sep 29 2015, 07:40 PM

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Mobile Suit Name: RX-78XX Gundam Pixie
Operator(s): Faction: N/A currently. Pilot: Mark Reber
Overall Height: 18.3 meters
Accommodations: Pilot Only

Technology & Combat Characteristics
The Gundam Pixie is a lightly armored Mobile Suit, but still can go toe to toe with a modern aged Mobile Suit any day. It's light armor allows it to be more maneuverable in fights. It also has quick movement speed thanks to the light armor.

Special Equipment & Features
Custom shield, built so that the Pixie's maneuverability won't be taken away, but still have that extra defense.
Power generator output: 1400 kW
Maximum thrust: 70800 kg
Base weight: 39.8 metric tons

-60mm vulcan gun x 2
-90mm submachine gun x 1
-beam dagger x 2

During the early years of Mobile Suit construction, a group of Mobile Suit engineers and designers that were tasked to construct three Mobile Suit units that were on par with a high mobility Mobile Suit already in production and were meant to surpass the specs of said mobile suit. The engineers were set to work, but had one dilemma. The high mobility Mobile Suit had heavy armor with a few larger thrusters to propel it quickly. Their idea was not able to be put together on the budget, so they went with a lighter armored design along with two high powered thrusters in the backpack. It also fashioned two beam daggers mounted on the hip skirt armor for close range combat. The mobile suit's main purpose was close quarters combat. After the three were constructed, two were destroyed in the base attack while one got away out of sheer luck with only the head and arm missing. Mark and his father repaired the Gundam Pixie when they found it in a junk yard in California.
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