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 The Story of Redeemer
 Posted: Sep 21 2015, 01:43 PM

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In the year 2044, the world experiences a global economic collapse due to ever depleting oil reserves. Prices for general goods skyrocket, as the market tries anything and everything to recover from the funds lost in the event. Strikes and riots ensue, and crime reaches an all time high. Billions across the planet are left unemployed as businesses, no longer to sustain themselves, begin to shut down. The rich take what they can - with corporate leaders and politicians finding it easy to live comfortably. The direct result of this is all out anarchy. Later that year, the United Nations holds a conference of the world’s leaders with the intent of coming to a solution to the economy’s condition.

Vernier Ebonheart, the President of France, proposes alternatives that would move the nations of Earth from their dependence on oil - as well as redistribute the world’s wealth to help boost the economy. Then Prime Minister of North America, James Cullen, openly rejected this proposal - positing that with the global economy relying so much on oil, finding alternatives would be time-consuming and cost more money than most nations had as a result of the collapse. Instead, he proposed mass hydraulic fracturing of shale rock to release natural gases, thus allowing the nations to continue to produce oil. Those who took Ebonheart’s side of the debate immediately shot down this proposal, citing such facts as the hundreds of chemicals used in the fracturing process that would be detrimental to public health, among other things.

The outcome of this disagreement, seen by most as a battle between the well-being of the public versus corporate greed, was the Great UN Schism. A large portion of the United Nations, led by Vernier, would sign a document that would become known as the Ebonheart Pact. The Pact quickly adopted strong social policies drawn up by Vernier himself, and within a year the Ebonheart nations experience unparalleled growth and prosperity. Crime drops down to almost 0%, literacy as high as 99.7%, and no lower or middle classes. Tensions began to mount between Ebonheart and the United Nations, which was now under the leadership of James Cullen. This tension resulted in the Gaza Conflict, a “battle” in which both sides stared down one another for a full 72 hours. Due to weapons not being fired, no casualties were experienced and the tense air eventually dissipated.

In 2046, the SETI Institute received an intelligent signal from outer space, originating from far beyond tbe Milky Way Galaxy. The message appeared to be a date and time, encrypted in a way that at first made no sense when converted to English. Professor Rayleondard Usima, a scientist at SETI, attempted to convert the message to ancient hieroglyphs, suggesting that the English language was far “too new” for a message that may have traveled millions upon millions of light years. After months of trial and error, the message was finally decoded using a mix of proto-Hebraic and Ancient Egyptian text - January 19th, 2048 at 3:00 PM. No one knew what to expect on this date, but the citizens of the world prepare for several different possibilities.

With the help of Professor Usima, the Ebonheart Pact begin developing terraforming technology and set their eyes to the stars. Their goal: to reduce the global reliance on Earth’s dwindling natural resources by mining nearby planets and asteroids, and if possible move to a new planet entirely. As a result, the first ever C-Class Machina is created, the EPT-C01 “Jord” (pronounced “yord”, being Norwegian for “earth”). A dozen of the Jord are produced and sent via spacecraft to the planet Jupiter for testing, along with a modest team for the testing to be done on the planet. The particular place of interest is Jupiter’s giant storm, which Vernier’s top scientists believe can be harnessed for nigh-unlimited energy.

On January 19th, 2048, the time for the message to be fulfilled came. At 3:00 PM EST, the world tuned in to their various media outlets and set their sights to the sky, waiting in anticipation for whatever was to come. Global silence, worldwide blackouts. Everyone was prepared. The day would go down in history as Dark Wednesday. Just as the clock prepared to roll off 3:00 PM , a sound finally filled the silence, likened to that of a blaring trumpet. A massive spacecraft, shining vibrantly, came into view above the city of New York. One after one, similar ships began appearing over every major city on Earth. This was mankind’s first interaction with the ancient extraterrestrial race known as the Eden.

Appearing completely identical to humans, the Eden identified themselves as the forerunners of all life on Earth, with articulate planning going into both the creation and destruction of humankind. Plans, however, had changed for the ancient race. Their homeworld, two and a half million light years away, had been destroyed. Earth was their final refuge, and they intended to occupy the planet whether accepted with hospitality or hostility. With peace and the safety of their people at heart, the Eden were welcomed to Earth and brought with them amazing technologies that spurred an economic jump that ushered in an era of unparalleled growth. Cities took to the skies, medical technology cured most of life’s most deadly diseases, such as cancer and AIDS. The world, despite all the tension between the United Nations and Ebonheart, was at peace.

The Eden’s technology was nothing short of an enigma. World powers wanted to know what it was, if they could use it for themselves. Greed had once again infected the waters of peace, and soon the fighting began. Rogue groups began attacking Eden facilities, with attacks taking the lives of military and civilians alike. Outraged, High Chancellor Apollos, the leader of the Eden, strikes a deal with Vernier Ebonheart: take six glass orbs, called the Pieces of Eden, and get them off Earth. Ebonheart accepted the proposal, and with an Eden ship, fled to Jupiter where the Jord team had constructed the first of many settlements. Feeling betrayed by their leader, the Eden have Apollos executed and join forces with the United Nations in an effort to combat the Ebonheart Pact, deemed traitorous for “stealing” the Pieces of Eden. From here on, the Ebonheart Pact became known as the Ebonheart Empire.

Using what technology they had at their disposal, the Eden help the forces of Earth create Machina of their own, far more powerful than the Jord. These machines would become known as the Lancea and the Telum. These Machina would fall under the M-Class, and would become the staple unit of the Harbinger Union - what was formerly the United Nations. Meanwhile, Vernier Ebonheart teamed with Rayleonard Technologies and began developing militant Machina of his own, resulting in the Enfer and the Orage being created. The year was 2052, and an arms race of epic proportions had just begun.

Advanced in their own ways, Harbinger and Ebonheart clashed in terrestrial battles, eventually taking to the stars. The Sol System (the planetary system around Earth’s sun) had been opened up to the rest of the galaxy via Relay Stations, an ancient and powerful means of jumping between worlds and other galaxies. As mankind spread, both factions grew, and the battles between them became more deadly. No battle was more deadly than the Battle of Honor Hall, which saw the deaths of everyone that was on the colony at the time. A staggering 11.5 million people would be lost in the tragedy, and the colony was lost to the nearby star it siphoned energy from.

Ebonheart, finally learning how to harness the power of the Pieces of Eden, excelled in power in ways that were unimaginable. Their Machina became unparalleled, with many powerful S and G-Class suits produced.Harbinger was eventually pushed back to Earth, with the two sides engaging in battle after battle. Countless lives were lost, and eventually the very planet suffered. Now out of natural resources that were safe to collect, the planet became a crippled and desolate wasteland. Within ten years, the once beautiful blue planet looked like Mars. Harbinger, prior to this event, had moved the people of Earth to large space colonies - the largest of which was Aeternus. Harbinger, lacking natural resources, began to dwindle as the Empire flourished due to their harnessing of the Pieces of Eden. Due to the differences in ideology, as well as the wrongful execution of Apollos, the Empire refuses to aid Harbinger in any capacity.

The nature of battles soon changed, with each side in a race to collect and secure crucial resources. The fighting was eventually capitalized upon, with corporations injecting their own pilots and customized Machina into the fray and televising the battles. These became known as Gauntlet Fights, with the most famous location for battles being the coliseum-like colony of Gauntlet itself. Rayleonard would go on to produce many powerful Machina for the Gauntlet Fights, but none would be more powerful than the one and only SGS-Class GF-X1 “Redeemer” - one nigh-invincible machine created to put an end to the bloodshed and, per it's namesake, redeem all of mankind. Modeled after the traditional Samurai, the Redeemer boasted technology that made it near-invincible in combat. As such, it was sought after by all - and often participated in Gauntlet Fights for the highest bidder.

On July 16, 2067 the Gauntlet Colony was attacked by an unknown force (the Assault on Gauntlet). Armed with technology rivaling that of the Pieces of Eden, the enemy obliterated the colony and the Redeemer was forever lost. Now, three weeks later, Harbinger points the blame for the attack on Ebonheart. Vernier’s daughter, having taken command of the empire following his death in the incident, is quick to denounce these claims. Instead, she in turn points the finger back to Harbinger, citing Cullen’s greed for power and hate for her father as the catalyst for the attack - the Redeemer would make Cullen and Harbinger unstoppable. War between Harbinger and Ebonheart was officially declared on July 22, 2067.

Note: You will not find a chronological timeline within this post, simply because Redeemer was founded with a CYOA (Create-Your-Own-Adventure) mentality. Battles are left ambiguous, except for the Battle of Honor Hall and the Assault on Gauntlet, to allow you to play with different stories on your own. Certain events, if held by enough characters, will be added to a timeline in the future.

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