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 MSR Compendium
 Posted: Jul 6 2015, 09:05 PM

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Note: This big thing is an ever-growing work in progress. If what you're looking for isn't on here yet, #DealWithIt.

MSR Compendium

Albitz Physics - The Albitz Particle (AP): Albitz Physics is a collection of fundamental laws that govern various technologies in Mobile Suit Gundam: REDEEMER. All weapons, shield systems, batteries, etc (apart from Vector Industries Ether technology) operates within MSR’s Albitz Physics, and therefor all operate using the most crucial of energy sources - the Albitz Particle. Discovered by Dr. Matthäus Albitz, the equation governing all of Albitz physics is 6/2He + 4/1H --> 8/2He + A, with the energy produced by this standardized example being 36.70 mega-volts.

Most mobile suit batteries do not produce this much power, instead they hover around a mechanically limited output of 18 mega-volts, though systems such as TRANS AM allow mobile suits to utilize an AP power sources full power. It is important to note that, because of the dangers of such technology, that no power source using Albitz Particles can surpass the 36.70 mega-volt limit Dr. Albitz proposed. Nuclear reactors however, under Albitz physics, always operate at full capacity unless specifically tuned down.

(Mobile Suit specs should include at least a mobile suits power in kilowatts, though “unknown” outputs will be allowed depending on the circumstance. If you need help calculating your kW, please PM Kenji)

Ultra-compact AP Battery (UCAP-B): A majority of mobile suits run on a single UCAP-B, as generators themselves are very hard to maintain on a mobile suit. This gives the machine an operation time of 2 full Earth-hours with normal use, and 1 full Earth-hour under heavy operation time while at max output (and also typically in combat). This time frame can change depending on how little or many beam-type weapons are used, as well as their complexity. Once the battery has drained, it must be recharged before it can be used again. Mobile weapons that use an UCAP-B have an advantage over the SAP-EG because they can be changed easily, but this comes at the cost of less operation time.

Standard AP Energy Generator (SAP-EG): Like the Ultra-compact AP Battery, the Standard AP Energy Generator is a staple in mobile weapon technology. The generator works by creating a flow from the interactions of a specially coated magnet spinning in a coil of wires densely coated in A-Particles. A Generator on the other hand will keep producing electricity as long as there is some force moving the magnet in the coil of wires. SAP-EG’s are capable of operating twice as long as the UCAP-B (4 full Earth hours under normal use and 2 under max output or combat scenarios), however they take several hours to replace.

(The UCAP-B is a staple power source for the UNE, Ebonheart and Harbinger factions. The UNE, however, favors the use of the SAP-EG.)

AP Drive (AP-D): Unlike the UCAP-B or the SAP-EG, the AP Drive can produce an almost unlimited quantity of energy if the drive is not push to its breaking point. This powerful system was created on Mars under the Ebonheart Pact. This rare power source is an Ebonheart exclusive due to its complexity in design and the scarcity of the resources required to create it. They are also rare within the military ranks, reserved for high ranking elite officers. Replacing a broken AP-D, like the SAP-EG, is its biggest crutch due to time constrains.

AP Tau Drive (AP-TD): In a attempt to replicate the AP-D, the Ebonheart Pact’s Research & Development sector created the AP Tau Drive (AP-TD). Although they were not able to replicate the unlimited energy production, they were able to produce was a power source that had a operation time that was triple the amount of the UCAP-B (6 full Earth-hours under normal use, 3 under max output and combat situations). During early testing, the AP-TD made AP energy toxic to humans when used in beam form for weaponry, however newer advancements though have caused this effect to be not a issue any more.

The AP emissions produced by a AP-TD are red for prototypes and orange for current mass production models. There is also the True AP Tau Drive, with the major difference between the two being it’s emissions trail being green with pink beam weaponry. Rumors exist of gold AP trailed AP-TDs, however the effects remain unknown.

Helghesian Plasma Power Core (HPPC): The standard in Helghesian mobile suit power, the HPPC is a powerful energy core created to utilize raw plasma found in its various forms throughout the cosmos. The HPPC works by absorbing plasma through an intake vent, which is then ran through a series of heavy rings made of a highly conductive alloy. At the center of these rings is a super-heated blade and a secondary chamber, containing a plasma torch. The blade cleaves pieces of the plasma-charged metal into the chamber, with the shrapnel being subjected to the intense energy of the plasma field within the chamber. This breaks the shrapnel down into its atomic molecular level, providing the suit with power.

It is unknown how much energy the HPPC is able to generate before the rings are completed cut away, rendering the mobile suit immobile, however it is believed to be just above par with the Ebonheart's AP-TD.

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